How meditation can help me?

Meditation is much more than an anti-stress method. It is a practice that is both simple and profound; it allows you to develop inspirational leadership, combining serenity, a strong presence, self-knowledge, finer understanding of employees and ability to make faster and more accurate decisions. It is also an invitation to rethink the place we give to the ego and the role that we take on as a decision-maker in the company.

What will I experience by participating in this cycle?

This cycle provides both support for a regular meditation practice (through a 30-minute group session), and the opportunity to share ideas in depth with other busines leaders regarding the meaning and the impact that you give to your work. In these discussions, you will find rewarding insights into the challenges you face and inspiration through the cases presented by other participants.

Why meet regularly with a group of my peers?

Exchanging ideas with other business leaders who manage teams or organizations, and who also meditate regularly, is a valuable source of inspiration. These people will understand your situation better than anyone. The presence of professional facilitators optimizes these discussions. This also adds the possibility of an outside perspective, and helps the members glean all the value that is created through the group.

Our philosophy

The first and foremost purpose of the Meditation & Leadership Cycle is to be of service to both business leaders on the path, and those who are in difficulty.

20% of participation fees are donated to an association that offers free meditation sessions to prisoners and former inmates in rehabilitation.

Through this action, each meditation group provides the financing for several complete introduction programs to widen access for the underprivileged.


“A high-level program with a peer-coaching mode that will make you want to open yourself to becoming a more authentic leader.”

Manager in an international company,

“United through our common meditation practice, the group members develop a surprising level of trust which gave a lot of depth to the exchange of ideas.”

Managing director of building company, Managing director of building company

“What is fascinating for me was the level of attentive listening and compassion that was reached by the group. We walk out of here with tons of energy!”

Commercial director in a start-up company,

” The intuition that emerged through our individual meditative practice is reinforced by the participation in the group. The facilitator’s skill in bringing the group together created an immediate trust and connection between us.”

Associate in a consulting firm,