Présentation du Cycle - Méditation & Leadership


The objectives of the Meditation & Leadership Cycle

The Leadership and Meditation cycle is designed for professionals who want to:

  • find support for a more regular practice of meditation
  • enrich their practice and give it another dimension, more in the heart of the action
  • identify ways to give more meaning and impact to their action as a leader, through discussion with other professionals and business leaders.

Each evening of the Cycle takes place in two stages

  • 30 minutes of meditative practice: silent meditation, guided or with visualization (in all cases, a secular approach compatible with multiple traditions is used)
  • 90 minutes of group discussion, led by professional facilitators, in a co-development format, using two or three concrete cases presented by the participants.

For those who wish to participate, each session is followed by a dinner (20 minutes of mindful eating and informal discussion).

The cycle is organized to faciltate each person’s progress

  • 5 sessions: once a month, in the evening
  • 10-12 participants per group
  • a location that is conducive to building trust and conviviality.

At the end of the cycle, you can continue on your path by joining the next cycle.


A Cycle for professionals in leadership situations

This cycle is for professionals in leadership situations: executives (members of a board, individuals in senior management positions) and managers (responsible for a team).

This cycle is not intended for people in career transition, who are not currently in a leadership position.

A Cycle for experienced meditators

This Cycle is designed for professionals who have already begun to pratice meditation regularly, even if they haven’t been meditating for a long time.

An introduction to mindfulness meditation is not provided in this cycle.

If you are looking for an introduction program in mindfulness meditation / mindfulness, we recommend that you contact our  community of facilitators.

A peer group that will continue to meet after the Cycle

Reflection among peers going through similar situations enables an output of rich and relevant experience. This brings out a collective reliance and shared trust on issues.

This cycle is designed so that each participant can, if they wish, continue on by entering the next one. Over a year, two consecutive cycles provide support to those who feel the need.

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